Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands On Video


Samsung is no stranger to the world of tablets, but it’s been quite some time since they last released a premium-grade tablet to the market.  We reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 all the way back in October of 2015, and while it was a fantastic tablet at the time, it’s nearly a year and a half old at this point.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is here to change all that, and it’s starting by not just featuring a single size, but also adds in a brand new build that we’ve never seen on a Samsung tablet before.  Sporting a fully glass build with a metal frame, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a beauty to both look at and hold, and it’s premium nature comes out the moment you set eyes on it.

Samsung is also only making one size this time around too; the 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen found on the front of the Tab S3 isn’t just a nice high resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels, it also features HDR technology for the best in picture quality.  Right now there are over 100 shows and movies between Amazon Instant Video and Netflix that can be viewed in HDR, and they look phenomenal to say the least.  Keeping with this entertainment mantra, Samsung has built in a quad speaker setup, with one speaker being on each corner of the device.  These 0.64 Watt speakers are tuned by AKG, and will automatically rotate their orientation based on how you’re holding the display to deliver true stereo sound with virtual surround qualities.

Last but certainly not least is the inclusion of the S-Pen, but this time around Samsung is doing things a little differently with the S-Pen than with past devices.  Since the Galaxy Tab S3 is so incredibly slim, it wouldn’t make sense to include a pen inside of it, as it would simply be too uncomfortable to hold.  Instead Samsung went the opposite route and made the S-Pen considerably larger, outfitting it with a clip up top for easy carrying, and of course packing the 0.7mm rubber tip and 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity we saw from the Galaxy Note 7.  Samsung also has a folio keyboard case that they’ll be selling with the Tab S3, so be sure to check the video out below to see everything in action!