Revamped T-Mobile ONE Plan Now Available, Get 2 Lines for $100

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T-Mobile announced earlier this week that they were revamping their unlimited plan, in the wake of Verizon deciding to launch their own unlimited data plan this past Monday. The company announced that the revamped plan would be available this Friday, and it is officially available now. This means that current customers can switch over to the 2 lines for $100/month plan. That’s $20 cheaper than the old plan for two lines, which is a good thing in its own right, but that’s not all that T-Mobile has added here.

In addition to lowering the price for two lines, T-Mobile ONE also includes 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, that’s a big change from the unlimited 2G mobile hotspot they were offering before. Additionally, there is no more throttling when it comes to video. All video will no stream in its native resolution (kind of makes you wonder why they even bothered with the technology for Binge ON?). They have also lowered the price of T-Mobile ONE Plus to just $5. And that’s partially because there aren’t many advantages to having it now. However one big advantage is getting free Gogo WiFi on every domestic flight, for the entire flight instead of just an hour. This is definitely handy if you fly often. Of course, T-Mobile ONE Plus International is still available for $25/month.

This plan is available to both new and existing customers. T-Mobile has made their unlimited plan even better, and it’ll be interesting to see what the carriers do to combat this. AT&T announced just yesterday that they were opening up unlimited data to everyone, but it’s still $100/month for a single line, and all video is stuck at 480p. For that same price you can get two lines at T-Mobile. Of course, coverage may not be the same, so it’s always important to check out the coverage before you make the jump to a new carrier. You can check out all the fine print for T-Mobile’s new and revamped plan using the button down below. Also make sure that you flip on that switch for HD video, in the settings of your account.

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