A Physical QWERTY Slider Moto Mod is Coming Soon

Moto Mod QWERTY Slider

Just the other day, a Motorola executive declared that we would see twelve new Moto Mods for their hot selling Moto Z lineup in 2017. Today we find out that one of those is a full slide-out QWERTY physical keyboard coming soon on Indiegogo. This keyboard will be a Godsend for the old Motorola fans looking for a follow-up to the 2012 Droid 4. The 5-row landscape keyboard will have large buttons and easy to use navigation arrows. If the final product is shown in the photo, it will be the first Moto Mod to bear the infamous Motorola batwing logo. It will also come packing its own internal battery, possibly matching the 2200mAh battery you can purchase now as a separate Moto Mod. If enough funds are gathered, they may include Qi wireless charging in the package.

The Indiegogo campaign will be launching soon, and if you go to the source link below, you can leave your email to receive further updates. They will have their own professional design team, and it will be produced at a Foxconn factory, which should guarantee a quality product. No timeframe or pricing is yet available, but the physical keyboard could be a hot seller for those fans that have been missing that physical contact they so crave. Right now, the design is only in the landscape mode. Many like the portrait mode, but its physical size makes the keys so small it can be harder to type. Motorola has used the landscape mode in the past with great success, but if enough people clamor for a slider in the portrait mode that could also be a future Moto Mod.

This Moto Mod and others to follow are part of the competition for designers that Motorola sponsored to find the most promising Moto Mods for 2017. Besides the slider keyboard, other Indiegogo Moto Mod projects, like ‘Timewave’ is also in the pipeline. Moto has taken the modular idea to a whole new level with their Moto Z design and the way Moto Mods function on the smartphone – they simply attach to the outside of the device via magnets and are immediately recognized by the device. Switching Mods is as easy as popping off the current one and attaching a new one in its place. It will be exciting to see what other Moto Mods are implemented in the future.