Peugeot Will Unveil Something Augmented And Personal At MWC


Peugeot has begun posting images and a short video to its various social media streams, hinting that the French automaker has got something to show at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) this year. Although the imagery does provide some clues with which to speculate, the specifics of something remains more of mystery. The company will be unmasking their latest creation at the event on February 27. The event will also be streamed by YouTuber "TheiCollection" and on Facebook Live at 11:00 am GMT. Questions will be fielded after the reveal by Peugeot's Director of Design, Gilles Vidal.

Unlike many other manufacturers that will be taking part in MWC this year, Peugeot has remained almost completely silent up until this point with no leaks. It bears mentioning that speculation is really all that can be had at this point. However, the imagery released thus far hints at a "mobile" device that centers around augmentation and personalization and the short video contains the message "Most Autonomous Mobile Device Ever." A statement made in correspondence with the company also includes the interesting phrase, "new interconnected liberty." Peugeot's previous efforts into the mobile space consist mostly of virtual reality test drives, automobile management, and a foray into augmenting the "feel" of driving one of their cars using haptic feedback and tied to an advertisement. The company is also a part of a conglomerate seeking to disrupt media aspects of the auto industry, by resisting allowing Android Auto becoming the only name in vehicle connectivity. That lends to the idea that the company may be using the word "mobile" not to describe a phone, but what could be a media hub and connectivity technology associated with that hub. After all, what's more mobile than a car? The company's "autonomous" message may hint at a new advancement in their self-driving car efforts that may, in turn, be tied to such a personalizable hub. Perhaps "interconnected liberty" refers to the ability to sync to whatever this new device is with any mobile device, across the available platforms. On the other hand, the mysterious teasers may point to any of those things – or any number of other things – without having anything to do with any of the other guesses made here.

Although possibly not the most likely scenario, when considering all of the bits of information that are available it is also not completely unreasonable to think that Peugeot is working on an actual mobile device. Other automakers have tried their hands at it in the past, whether through partnerships or one-off internal efforts. It may be best to not guess at all. Whatever the announcement is alluding to, it will be revealed soon enough.



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