Nokia Announces New 5G Solutions at MWC 2017

Nokia Logo AH1

Nokia has announced the development of its newest product, 5G FIRST, which allows operators to utilize early specifications for 5G networks. Nokia is using its radio access network, packet core, and mobile transport solutions to usher in this new solution. Also included for the initial deployment is Intel® architecture services and the Intel® 5G modem. With the initial release starting this year, operators will get to market sooner and take advantage of the high capacity and low latency that Nokia hopes to deliver. Nokia will use this to real world data that will then be used in the final 3GPP standard.

Nokia had to upgrade its current AirScale and AirFrame platforms to the 5G specifications developed by the KT Interest Group and the Verizon 5G Technology Forum. Other components that make up 5G FIRST are MIMO Adaptive Antennas, the AirScale System Module, AirScale cloud RAN technology and software. In order to deliver 5G quickly and in a fiscally responsible way, Nokia’s Cloud Packet Core and Shared Data Layer have been incorporated. By doing this it will aid in the flexibility and scalability the operators will need.

Verizon has been working on developing 5G for commercial use, and 5G FIRST is supported by specifications from the Verizon 5G Technology Forum. In fact, Nokia has been working closely with Verizon and Intel to advance 5G First and deliver it to select cities such as Dallas. This will be a huge leap for the future of the mobile industry as we are connected more than ever. From the vastly growing number of the Internet of Things to expanding market of mobile video, the need for a faster and more stable network is much welcome.


Nokia will continue to collaborate with companies in the 5G community. In fact, they are working with currently working with Intel to deliver broadband to homes using existing fiber deployments. While at Mobile World Congress 2017 Nokia will be doing live demonstrations that will include delivery of HDTV with Intel, multi-player virtual reality gaming, live HD feeds of a sports game and augmented reality using 5G. They will also include industry experience of using 5G to improve factory workflow. Nokia plans to make its commercial 5G FIRST end-to-end solution available in the second half of 2017.