Moto's New Ads Urge People To "Move On To Moto"

Moto's new ads urge people to "Move On To Moto" basically stating that users should break up with their old phones and move onto something better. The series of videos have all popped up on the Moto USA official YouTube page as of earlier this morning and so far there are seven different videos that are part of the new ad campaign, all of which take a lighthearted and comedic stance to the ugliness of relationship troubles and breakups.

While not explicitly focused on the Moto Mods attachments that can be used with the Moto Z, as the ads are more about the Moto Z as a whole and what the device offers (which includes Moto Mods compatibility), the Moto Mods do have a presence in the ads to some degree. Overall though the ads mostly seem to pick at the general types of issues one might have with a smartphone that would prompt them to consider moving to a new device. One of the ads highlights users running out of battery life, and this would be a perfect reason to consider the Moto Z which offers a battery pack Moto Mod that can extend the battery life of the phone, which is already decent in its own right.

Other complaints like "disconnectedness" and "not being responsive to touch" are also pointed out as what seem like issues between two people in a relationship, but towards the end the ad hones in on these being issues with the current phone, I.E. a disconnected device and a screen that won't respond to the users touch interaction. Moto does a good job at pinpointing some of the complaints that users may have with their devices, and they're attempting to give people a little nudge into something better. Whether or not the ad campaign works as well as they hope is unclear, but the Moto Z family of devices with the Moto Mods do offer some great incentives for consumers, and that's what Moto is hoping to convey with these ads, that there is something out there which can eliminate the pain points of a current smartphone ownership. Plus, the ads are designed to be funny, and funny stuff always seems to get people to relate or at the very least have a good laugh, which can leave a lasting impression.

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