Motorola's Germany Website Has A Strange Countdown Happening

Motorola Germany Website Countdown

Motorola’s Germany website has a strange countdown happening at the moment and there is virtually no detail whatsoever that explains what it’s for. The only information that can be seen is the amount of time that’s left before the countdown ends, which is currently sitting at 22 days, and just over 15 hours, and this time is accompanied by the image of a golden octopus weaved into the Motorola batwing logo. The rest of the page is just a giant blue backdrop, with not other details. This leaves things open to interpretation and surely will leave some feeling slightly confused. Confused as to why there is a giant golden octopus as part of the countdown page, and perhaps confused as to what the countdown is even for.

While there isn’t any information about the countdown listed in regards to specific details, the time that’s left on screen does perhaps allude to what they’re counting down to. Lenovo and Motorola have already confirmed they will have a press conference during Mobile World Congress this year, and they have teased that it will include the announcements for the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus. Considering these two things, its likely that the countdown is for these new phones.

When it comes to the press conference, it happens on February 26th at 4:30 PM local time in Barcelona, and the countdown timer matches up with this, so it’s reasonable to assume that the countdown is really for the press conference where the phones are expected to be unveiled, and after the countdown is over it’s possible that the page will transition to something for the Moto G5 series of devices. There is no guarantee that this will happen and there is no confirmation from Lenovo or Motorola on this matter, but it seems like the most logical explanation. There’s also the possibility that the Motorola team simply chose the golden octopus as a random image to place with the countdown and it may have no significance at all, but one thing is certain. It won’t be too long before Lenovo and Motorola reveal what they have in store for Mobile World Congress and the details behind the countdown.