How To Make The Most Of Valentine's Day With Android For Couples


Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're a lover of technology but also a lover of your significant other, as well as a romantic, then you're likely getting all of your ducks in a row when it comes to planning that special evening, or day, to make sure that the person you want spend that time with is aware of how much they mean to you. Whether you've already planned everything and just need to execute it all, or you're still trying to figure something out, there is a lot of ways that you can use your Android device to help you make Valentine's Day a day to remember.

Reserve Your Tables

There's no doubt that a special dinner as part of a night out is going to be on many people's minds, and there's nothing wrong with that, whether you're taking someone back to the place you first met or attempting to try something new and just as romantic. The only issue is that if you're picking a place that is fairly popular, and maybe even if it isn't, there is a chance that all the tables could be booked. To avoid this, you'll want to make sure you have a table reserved for the time and place that you want, and the sooner the better as popular and more romantic places fill up very fast, in some cases they may already be filled up at this point. Whatever the case, finding a spot to go to and reserving a table can be done extremely easily with OpenTable. If you don't already have it installed, you should do it now and get things going, and for each table you reserve regardless of the day, you'll earn points that can be used towards rewards.


Plan To Cook Instead

If you're one to show your love by getting your hands dirty, and by dirty we mean covered in all of the delicious ingredients that make up a special meal that you created with your own two hands, then you'll want a good app to walk you through some potential recipes if you're not a savvy cook. Even if you are, a recipe or two might just help you find the perfect things to cook for a romantic night in if you can't decide on what to make. There is no better app for this than Chef Steps. Inside you'll find world-class recipes with all kinds of delicious options, from savory to sweet, and much of it available for free complete with instructions. Some recipes even have videos that tie into them to show you part of the process. If you're a premium member, then you get even more access and access to some of the best recipes they have. If you really want to wow that special someone, this is where you start.

Set The Mood


If you're planning a night in, then you'll definitely want to set the mood with some good music. This could vary depending on what kind of music you and your partner are into, or what you find romantic, so dig deep and think about what will make your significant other swoon and make them feel like they're as special as you know they are. A candle or two wouldn't hurt either, but for the music part of things, you can't go wrong with something like Google Play Music, which has loads of music for you to stream and even playlists based on certain times of day as well as what activity it is you're engaged in. Without a doubt there will be something available that's geared towards Valentine's Day when the time comes, and then all you'll have to do is sit back, put on the playlist and let Google take care of the rest as the playlist will have been specially curated.

Send Flowers

If you're planning on sending flowers or having some ready for when your partner arrives home, then why not make it easy on yourself and have them delivered, that way you can either have them sent to where they are, or have them come to you so you can arrange them at home for a big surprise. There are loads of apps out there to help you get the flowers you want, but is one of the most well-known and they have massive selection of different flowers to choose from. On top of the various flower arrangements there are other gifts that can be included along with the order, and they even send orders internationally to over 195 countries which means that no matter where you are, they're likely to be an available service. On top of that, you can save 15% when you either pay with Android Pay for the order (yep, they accept Android Pay), or when you enter the promo code ANDROIDLOVE.


Put On A Romantic Movie

Whether you're staying in or using this as a nightcap, finding a romantic movie to watch with your partner can be a great way to show your love. Luckily, the Netflix Android app is ready to help you out and there are tons of movies available on the platform to help you find just the right one. Whether it's an actual romantic flick or something a little more dramatic and high-energy, Netflix has just about anything you could want. Plus with Chromecast support it is easier than ever to stream whatever you settle on. Of course, if you're not subscribed to Netflix you could always find a great romantic movie on Google Play, as they have a special Valentine's Day Sale section of films.

Wrap Up


No matter what your plans are for Valentine's Day, you can get a lot done on the day and before using your Android device, thanks to the wealth of apps available within the Play Store. From finding restaurant reservations to setting the mood with the perfect song for the occasion, Android can help you make the most of this special day that is dedicated to showing your love for your partner. Of course, this isn't the only day you can show your love, but it's certainly a great time to let the other person know how you feel about them and the more thought you put into it, the more special it will be.

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