LG's Latest Teaser Hints at G6 Being Dust Proof


LG has been fond of releasing small, somewhat mysterious teasers for their upcoming G6 flagship lately, and the newest one features flour. The video is pretty simple. There's a cutting board there, perhaps to mix dough on, and flour gets heaped on little by little. Once there's a nice pile there, a rectangle is drawn over it, and the LG G6 logo is drawn inside the rectangle, as seen in the attached image. This could perhaps imply that the LG G6 is in the flour, or that something about the LG G6 evokes flour, among the many, many other possible meanings.

A previous teaser video of a similar nature showed a woman swimming in a pool as a rectangle bearing the LG G6 logo made its way into existence over her. Since most flagship devices come with at least some level of ingress protection these days, it's far from unthinkable to jump to the conclusion that LG is touting water protection with that video. Thus, the recent flour video may be touting dust and fine particle protection. While many phones boast dust protection, extremely fine particles like flour, baby formula, or particularly fine sand can still get inside and ruin things with some devices, and if the LG G6 is one of those devices, it would make a fairly good selling point.

Thus far, nothing official except for these teasers has directly addressed the possibility of the LG G6 boasting any sort of ingress protection. So far, it seems that the phone is supposed to sport a somewhat hardy build and be a reliable daily driver for its user, so ingress protection makes perfect sense, but LG has yet to officially announce it as yet. The phone is supposedly going to be making a showing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, happening in just a few days, so the relative lack of information about the device floating around on the net means that LG will have more of a chance to steal the show when they officially debut the phone. With the LG V30 rumored to already be in development and sporting a superior Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, LG will have to pull out all the stops to compete with not only its own rumored beast, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 waiting in the wings for a rumored April release.


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