LG Survey: What Do People Want In Their Ideal Smartphone

LG has just released a rather interesting report that puts focus on smartphone displays. As many of you know, the LG G6 will launch really soon during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), and the company has been releasing various teasers for its launch, well, this report and the survey that comes with it might not be a teaser per se, but LG did mention the G6 in the press release, and the report itself is quite interesting, read on.

Now, according to LG’s report, 95 percent of smartphone users actually want a large screen display. According to the provided info, size does matter in the smartphone world, as it makes watching video more enjoyable, while the same can be said for browsing, shopping online, etc. Smartphones have become essential parts of our lives, and people seem to prefer larger displays as they’re using their smartphones a lot. Tablet sales are not exactly booming, and larger smartphones are definitely to blame for that, at least partially. Now, LG says that smartphone display size (67 percent) matters to people more than size of their cars (58 percent), laptops (48 percent) or body parts (29 percent). The report goes on saying that people do want larger displays on their smartphones, but they do not want smartphones to be big, which essentially means that they want really thin bezels. 9 out of 10 smartphones users want the ability to use their smartphone with one hand, which makes sense, though that’s a rare thing when it comes to larger phones, at least for people who have small hands.

2 out of 5 users admitted that they’ve dropped their phone while they were trying to hold it with one hand, they also added that this problem occurs when a phone is too large to use with one hand or fit in a purse / small bag. In addition to all this, 35 percent of users said that a dropped phone resulted in a cracked display, which resulted in 75 percent of them wanting for their device to be more durable. 65 percent of surveyed users admitted that they’d rather make sacrifices in their daily lives than use a phone which has a cracked display, 32 percent of them would rather get stuck in traffic for example. 1 out of 4 users, well, a bit more than that (28 percent), would rather give up sex for a month than use a phone with a cracked display, which says a lot.

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