Leak Shows What May Be A 2017 Model Of The Sony Xperia XZ

A new leaks shows what may be a 2017 model of the Sony Xperia XZ, which has been rumored to make an appearance from Sony at Mobile World Congress although it hasn't been referred to as the new Xperia XZ, merely as a "flagship device,"  and it's most recently been rumored that Sony will show off the phone behind closed doors and not at their press conference like originally thought. Alongside the leaked images, a rumor states that this Sony device also has 4GB of RAM, and if the leak is accurate and this is a 2017 version of the Xperia XZ with 4GB of RAM, then it would seem that Sony has bumped up the memory on the device as the original Xperia XZ that launched last year only has 3GB of RAM.

With an increase in RAM there are also sure to be other hardware improvements, such as more internal storage and a newer processor, which may or may not be the Snapdragon 835 depending on when Sony chooses to announced and launch the device, as Samsung reportedly has exclusivity on the Snapdragon 835 until their Galaxy S8 goes on sale. In today's leak you can see four different phones in one of the images, while in another shows the amount of RAM that is being used up along with the total amount inside of the phone.

The third image shows two phones standing upright, though these look like Xperia Z5 devices based on the colors which appear to be gold and green, two colors which are available for the Xperia Z5. The corners also appear to be rounded, and while all of the Xperia X series phones have rounded corners as well, save for the Xperia XZ, they don't come in these two colors so it's worth mentioning that the images should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said it's also possible that Sony could have changed up the design of these new phones a little bit, although that can't be known for sure until Mobile World Congress later on this month. Other notable details which suggest this may be a new Xperia XZ is the front-facing camera, which can be seen in the image that shows off the RAM, as the original Xperia XZ had a larger camera sensor to the left of the earpiece. This one appears to have a front-facing flash, whereas the original model does not, so this could be another change that Sony is making for a newer model. Keep in mind that these are unconfirmed leaks, and this could be an entirely different Sony device.

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