Keyboard Moto Mod Will Allow Moto Z To Be Tilted On Hinges

QWERTY Slider Keyboard Moto Mod

Several new images and a GIF depicting the upcoming keyboard Moto Mod have just emerged online. Among other things, they reveal that the upcoming Moto Mod will feature hinges on which the Moto Z can be tilted by up to 45 degrees, as evidenced by the animation below. It seems that this will be an optional functionality so users who prefer to utilize this Moto Mod to turn their device into a Motorola DROID 4 lookalike with a conventional slide-out keyboard will still be able to do so. Apart from this unique feature, the new pictures that can be seen above depict the upcoming keyboard Moto Mod in silver, gold, and black colors.

The images were shared by the developers of the Mod that’s officially called the Physical Keyboard Slider Mod. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the device is expected to start soon, presumably in March. Apart from revealing some new images depicting their upcoming product, the developers also talked about when we might expect the Keyboard Slider Mod to hit the market. As things stand right now, they’re hoping to launch the device in either late spring or early summer, i.e. during June or July. The Keyboard Slider Mod will be handled by a professional design team and manufactured by the Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn, the developers revealed. The current version of the keyboard was designed for use in landscape mode and there’s no word on whether the Moto Z family could receive a portrait variant of this mod in the future. Likewise, there’s still no information on the price tag of the upcoming Moto Mod, though more information on that front is bound to follow soon, no later than when the device officially hits Indiegogo.

Between the Keyboard Moto Mod and the recently announced BlackBerry KEYone, it seems like this may be the year when smartphones with physical keyboards make their comeback. While the aforementioned Moto Mod was designed by independent developers as a part of a Moto competition, it’s possible that the Lenovo-owned brand reveals more information on the device soon seeing how it’s scheduled to hold an MWC press conference later today.