UPDATED: Huawei Confirms March Release Of Nougat For The Honor 6X

Honor 6X CES 2017 Hands On AH 29

Huawei confirms that in March they will release the Android Nougat update for the Honor 6X, which will push the device forward to running on EMUI 5.0. EMUI for those that are unfamiliar is Huawei's Android UI skin, not unlike TouchWiz is for Samsung. With the update coming in March, this proves to be a fairly quick turnaround for the software version bump as the Honor 6X was only very recently released itself, but it's also worth considering that Google launched Android 7.0 Nougat last Fall, so there has been a few months in between then and the launch of the phone.

Although the Honor 6X launched without Android Nougat, by the time Huawei starts pushing out the software update to users of the phone it will only have been around a couple of months between the launch and the update. Huawei also stated that they would be updating the Honor 6X to Android Nougat in the second quarter of 2017, and March is still in the first quarter of the year, so it sounds like Huawei will be sending out the update earlier than they had originally planned, which is all around great news for any users that have been waiting on the software since the mention of a Q2 release.

Moving beyond the March release date, Huawei doesn't give an exact date for the software push so it could be any time between the first day and last day of the month, and that can still be a whole lot of waiting for a user who is eager to get their hands on the software. Huawei says that the update for the Honor 6X with EMUI 5.0 was based on user feedback, so that could mean that there will be some stuff that is specific to the Honor 6X with the way that the user interface either looks, or features that it includes. Since EMUI 5.0 is also based on Android Nougat, that means Nougat-specific features will be included as well, like multi-window, improved Doze Mode, and other features and improvements. When the update hits, users will want to ensure that they account for a decent-sized software download, and that they're connected to Wi-Fi so the download doesn't eat up their monthly LTE data.




According to a statement from Honor, the 6X will not necessarily be getting the update to Android Nougat in March. Although Honor has confirmed that the update is coming the first half of this year, the March update for Nougat is apparently in regards to review devices and not those which are owned by consumers. There is still no time frame listed as to when the update will reach users aside from the first half of the year that was already mentioned.

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