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Google Pixel's Product Lead Krishna Kumar recently made a post on the Pixel User Community page, sharing a sneak peek (via CNET) of the development process behind the company's latest products. More to the topic at hand, Krishna Kumar also asked Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners to share their feedback on the User Community page in regards to what they like and dislike the most about their Pixel smartphones. This seems to be an opportunity for Google enthusiasts and Pixel users to share their thoughts and perhaps help in making the next Pixel smartphones that much more enjoyable.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first smartphones designed entirely by Google, unlike smartphones in the Nexus series which were always designed in collaboration with other smartphone makers including Samsung and LG. Granted, the Google Pixel series is assembled by HTC, but the smartphones are engineered and designed entirely by the Mountain View giant. This was a major step in Google's evolution in the smartphone market, and fortunately, it looks like the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL have already earned a top spot in the hearts of consumers. Nevertheless, building the Google Pixel and Pixel XL was no easy feat, and the company had to make the right compromises at the right time. For instance, although the Google Pixel duo has a wedge-like shape with a thicker top than bottom, this particular design choice not only allowed the team to fit a larger battery but to also create a design without a camera bump.

With that in mind, some tradeoffs in design had to be made in order for Google to create the Pixel smartphones as they are today, and simply put, the Product Lead at Google Pixel now invites owners to share their thoughts on these compromises and what they like and/or dislike the most about the Pixels. The reaction from users seems fairly positive, but the most common complaints appear to revolve around the lack of waterproofing. Some users also share slight disappointment in the fact that the new devices no longer have front-facing stereo speakers, and most users also admit that they would appreciate thinner bezels. On the bright side, most Pixel owners seem to be pleased by the overall design, the camera quality, as well as battery life. But perhaps one of the biggest issues, still, lies in the fact that Pixel smartphones are not easy to come by. The handsets have been in and out of stock a few times already and Google seems to be struggling with a higher demand than supply. However, as far as the quality of the products is concerned, in overall the Pixel series seems to have been fairly well received by the community.


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