Google Keep Coming To G Suite And Google Docs


Google's Keep note-taking service is now officially a part of G Suite, and Google is also working on integrating it with the web version of Google Docs. Google Keep, as part of G Suite, can be easily managed and administrated across user groups in much the same way as any other app in G Suite. Managers for a group of users can view and edit notes, with the proper authorization, and can delete and undelete notes, so long as undeleting is done within seven days of deletion, just like with a user undeleting their own note. The Docs integration comes in the form of a sidebar containing your notes from Google Keep, which you can put directly into documents by dragging and dropping them, as well as the ability to save excerpts of Google Docs files into Google Keep as notes.

G Suite users can now use Google Keep to collaborate by sharing with a designated group. Full integration with Google docs includes not only the ability to use the sidebar full of notes to drag and drop content from Google Keep into Google Docs, but also to bring content from Google Docs into Google Keep by simply highlighting it, right-clicking it, and having it sent to Keep as a separate note, which will include a link to the original file in Google Docs. This also means that content in Google Keep can be searched by all who have access to a given Keep via G Suite's integrated universal search function.

This is another part of Google's recent efforts to bolster the G Suite, which include moves like tweaking how Hangouts handles unread messages, and rolling out a unified search function that users in a specific G Suite user group can use to search across all G Suite products' content that's shared with them. G Suite has also made its way into the education sector. Google has even begun separating G Suite products from end-user products in some ways, such as promising a desktop client for Allo, which solves a pain point users have had with the service since its inception.

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