Google Explains some of their Choices in Making the Pixel

Google Pixel XL AH NS 02 1

With Google opting to build their own smartphones this past year, instead of working with manufacturers like Huawei, LG, Motorola and Samsung to make their Nexus devices, Google was left to make a whole lot of design choices when it came to hardware. Choices they didn’t have to make before with the Nexus lineup, and some of the choices are rather interesting. Like going with a rather large glass window on the back of the Pixel, or using a diamond pattern on the buttons on the side of the device. In an interview with CNET, Google explained why some of these choices were made.

When it came to the “Really Blue” color, Google actually decided to stick with this color because of its “polarity”. They did actually explore a few other colors for the third color, which included an “emerald green, dusty purple, deep yellow and a delicate baby blue”. Now if you own the black model of the Pixel, you probably noticed that it has a slightly different textured back compared to the others. The black Pixel has a more grainier, rougher backside, and this was due to aesthetics. There was really no other explanation given by Google on that front.

What’s also interesting is that Google’s engineers weren’t striving to make a phone without a camera bump, but if they were able to, it was an added bonus. And as we all know now, Google’s engineers were definitely able to design the Pixel without giving it a bump for the camera. Which is definitely nice to see, especially in a day where many smartphones are getting super thin, but leaving a large bump for the camera. Now Google did have a bit of an issue with the camera on the Pixel, because it is a rather large camera. But what Google did was they made the top of the phone thicker, and had it taper down towards the bottom. Making the phone nice and flat. You can check out CNET’s full article on the making of the Pixel at the source link below, it’s a rather interesting read, to say the least.