Full Phone Sales Tax Rebates Now Offered By T-Mobile US

T Mobile US Phone Tax Rebate 1

T-Mobile US, America’s fastest-growing wireless carrier, debuted a new promotion on Thursday as it started offering sales tax rebates to all customers who purchase a new smartphone. Customers need to buy a new smartphone on their Equipment Installment Plan combined with the T-Mobile ONE plan, complete a form on the company’s website within 30 days using the “17DEVICECREDIT” promo code, and wait for up to eight weeks for a prepaid MasterCard to arrive with 11.2% of sales tax credited to it. T-Mobile’s website also explains that all customers on the Simple Choice Unlimited plan are eligible for the promotion. This offer may be stacked with any other offers that T-Mobile US is currently running and is only subject to a limit of 12 lines or devices. Customers do need to buy a device on EIP and keep it operational until they have received the credit.

This offer is the latest promotion in a string of deals T-Mobile US debuted to entice customers to join America’s third largest wireless carrier and is connected to the company’s recent proposition originally unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. Back then, Chief Executive Officer John Legere announced that T-Mobile would include all taxes and fees with regular monthly bills as the carrier’s research showed that many competitors are quoting smaller prices than those that customers end up paying. Starting this month, T-Mobile’s new plan simplifies monthly bills. For customers considering moving to T-Mobile from another carrier, the operator’s generous ability to stack this offer with others means that customers should be entitled to benefit from another limited promotion called the 2017 Tax Time Switcher Offer. This offer provides customers switching a number from another carrier with a $150 prepaid MasterCard card.

Although the sales tax rebate offer is only available for a limited time, T-Mobile’s website doesn’t explicitly state when the offer will run out. With that in mind, customers interested in receiving a sales tax rebate on a new smartphone might want to consider buying a new device sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if any of the other three national carriers will offer a similar deal to encourage customers to upgrade their devices.

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