Four New Games Are Coming To Google's Daydream VR Platform


Google has announced four new Daydream games at San Francisco's Game Developers Conference, and is also putting three of the more popular existing Daydream VR titles on sale for half off to commemorate the event. The first new game out of the gate is a virtual reality romp with the well-known Rabbids, longtime inhabitants of the Rayman world. Along with the Ubisoft partnership, Google announced online VR game Beartopia from rising indie star Spry Fox. A curious new game called Virtual Virtual Reality is coming from Tender Claws, and TurboButton's upcoming Along Together lets you be an imaginary friend in VR. To celebrate the new releases, Gunjack 2: End of Shift, Need For Speed: No Limits VR, and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will all be on sale for half off their usual prices from March 1 until March 8.

Virtual Rabbids is being produced in a partnership between Google and Ubisoft. Rather than the usual fist-slinging Rayman fare or the mini-game compilations that the Rabbids are known for, the game allows the player to actually communicate with the Rabbids while going on an adventure with them. Naturally, the plan is to utilize and show off the full capabilities of the Daydream platform and its unique controller. Beartopia, meanwhile, is a sort of Animal Crossing-esque online game, but built from the ground up for VR. Players can visit other players in an online village to communicate, cooperate, and generally coexist in a customizable space.

Virtual Virtual Reality is an interesting upcoming title that allows you to don a range of virtual reality headsets while inside virtual reality. The purpose of this venture, of course, is to match you up to the best possible artificial intelligence via the virtual labor system. Perhaps even more interesting is Along Together, which puts you in the role of an imaginary friend who's actually not all that imaginary, with the goal of helping your virtually real friend to cross treacherous and charmingly rendered levels. The game makes full use of the unique Daydream control scheme, letting players find creative uses for the Daydream controller's features to manipulate the environment.


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