Facebook Launches Virtual Cards For Upcoming Valentine's Day

Facebook Valentines Day 2017 Card Trailer AH

Facebook will be celebrating the Valentine’s Day 2017 with new virtual cards, courtesy of the company’s designers. As of Monday, February 13, all Facebook users who log into the service from any platform will be greeted by a message on top of their News Feed that’s wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. Beneath the message, they’ll find a carousel of digital cards they’ll be able to share with their significant others and other people on Facebook. The Menlo Park-based social media giant didn’t specify how long this feature will be live, but it’s reasonable to presume users won’t be able to send Valentine’s Day digital cards after February 14.

The company revealed how their new virtual cards were designed by numerous artists from London and New York. The offerings look relatively traditional as far as Valentine’s Day cards go – they’re cute, picturesque, and encouraging. Once you pick the card you like, you’ll be able to share it just like any other Facebook post. In other words, you’ll be able to tag people, check-in, or add how you’re feeling while sharing the card. The video below shows how this functionality works in practice. The Menlo Park-based social media giant said that 25 percent more people got engaged on Facebook on Valentine’s Day 2016 compared to the two-week period leading up to the most romantic day of 2016, implying that it’s expecting a similar surge in user engagement rates this year.

Overall, Facebook’s decision to roll out a temporary feature related to a topical event is neither new nor surprising. The company’s social media network is boasting some impressive user acquisition and retention figures, and a constant stream of new features plays an important part in achieving these results. Despite being on the market for quite a while now, Facebook is still coming up with new ways to innovate and attract new users, as evidenced by the company’s Q4 2016 financials. Given that state of affairs, the social media giant will likely debut a plethora of new Facebook features in the future and if recent trends are any indication, a lot of them will be related to video content, a segment in which Facebook has been investing a lot of resources in recent years.