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Facebook is not exactly the best place on the internet to post a job, but for business in the US and Canada, that changes starting today with Facebook's roll out of a dedicated job posting functionality for business pages. Businesses can post jobs right on their page, and they will have dedicated placement and a few new functions aimed at filling roles. The posts will not only appear on their page, but will also be on a dedicated job posting page on Facebook, and may appear in the News Feeds of some potentials. Job seekers can hit the Apply button to apply through Facebook with a special form that populates whatever information is available from their Facebook profile, and lets them review, edit, and add to that information. From there, the business can contact the job seeker directly through Messenger.

Naturally, the whole affair is mobile-compatible, which means that employers and job seekers can communicate on the go in the same way that friends would. Facebook has had the feature on a limited trial for a short time now, and some businesses who fell in the testing areas have already made good use of it to fill roles in their company. The co-owner of one such business, the Lakeview Kitchen and Market in Chicago, praised the ease of the process, saying that posting up the job only took a few minutes, and once the right person saw the post, they communicated directly and it was a done deal, unlike the go-between systems and managerial complications that can be found on some job sites and hiring systems.

The new function is a perfect fit for Facebook's ease of communication and local sensibility, meaning that jobs will be shown directly to people in the same general area as the business. The job searching page on Facebook goes a bit more in-depth than simply searching by location, allowing a job seeker to pick the industry and job type that they would like, whether they're looking for a full-time job to live on or their next quick contract. The tool is just coming out of testing status today, so job seekers shouldn't expect to see too many business on board just yet, and businesses posting jobs up may have to exercise a bit of patience in hooking prospective hires.


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Posted by Facebook Business on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


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Posted by Facebook Business on Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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