Ericsson Unveils First Managed 5G Platform


Ericsson has built and prototyped the world's very first full-featured, 5G-ready managed network platform. The platform is built around helping telecoms transition their current networks over to 5G standards, and boasts a number of features to not only help with that, but to make network management, maintenance, and distribution easier once the 5G networks are ready. Ericsson's platform is the first of its kind, but has set the bar high with a 5G core that covers all spectrum frequency ranges, boasts comprehensive 5G transformation features, and brings the concept of global federated network slices to the world of 5G. The platform is available right now for interested carriers, allowing them to set up the bones of the operation before they even begin refarming their current spectrum or setting up 5G nodes.

This 5G platform sets the gold standard for the nascent technology by bringing over many of the network tropes that operators are used to working with from the world of LTE networking, such as network slicing, fixed policy and user data storage, and distributed cloud management. The addition of federated network slicing bodes well for globetrotters; having the technology on board this early on will encourage operators to begin offering federated network slices worldwide as they build out their 5G networks, rather than as an afterthought. Distributed cloud management helps to optimize and increase capacity and speed while cutting down on latency by helping data reach its closest possible destination first, and making the journey quicker and easier as it heads for its final destination point. This, of course, happens automatically and is managed for customers by Ericsson, though customers could conceivably opt to manage it themselves. As a bonus, user data and network control data is sent in separate streams.

Ericsson's feature-packed 5G core and platform is built on time-tested virtual networking and packet routing tropes that have served operators well for years, in some cases since the 3G era. Ericsson is making the platform available to anybody who wants in on it, and they do not necessarily have to partner up with Ericsson on network equipment and management in order to reap the benefits. This is a smart move on Ericsson's part, as they now stand to profit from not only their own expansion in the area of 5G network equipment, but also that of big players like Samsung and Huawei.

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