Concept Images & Video Of A Sony Xperia Edge Smartphone


New concept images have now surfaced of a Sony Xperia Edge smartphone which follows in the footsteps of manufacturers who have opted for a curved-edge AMOLED screen. This design concept comes from Technoconfigurations and takes cues from some of the prettiest phones around, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Xiaomi Mi MIX, while putting a very decidedly Sony Xperia Z spin on things. Basing the concept off of Sony's popular smartphone family was a no-brainer, and paid serious dividends in the final design. The Xperia Z series' unmistakable design elements shine through in the simplistic button and port layout, as well as the minimalist design tropes that permeate the entire design, especially on the front and back panels.

Starting off on the most notable detail, we have screen edges curved at a sharp 45-degree angle, rather than the soft slopes seen on other "edge" devices. The only thing marring the practically bezel-free view is an earpiece speaker grille up top. A 13-megapixel front camera with an iris scanner hides under the top of the display, but is invisible to the user. Around back, the same curve can be seen on the top and bottom of the device, leading down toward the front panel. Aside from the dual 23-megapixel cameras with flash and Sony logo, the back of the device is a bare surface of liquid obsidian glass, with only the large power button cutting in. On one side of the device, we have the normal Xperia power button and fingerprint sensor, a detail taken from the later members of the Xperia Z family that eventually wound up in the Xperia X lineup. This distinctive power button is flanked by a volume rocker and a third button that could serve as a dedicated camera button or a programmable custom button. The top of the device is barren, while the bottom sports a USB Type-C port.

The whole show is supposed to be water and dust-proof, and the tight rim running the circumference of the device looks like it does a fine job of that. Metal construction with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back panels promise serious style and strength. Under the hood, this concept bears a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, alongside 6 gigabytes of RAM. The creator of the concept did not say exactly what Android version it's running, whether UFS 2.0 storage would be on board, and how much of said storage the phone would have, but given the design and other specs, a hefty dose of fast storage with Android 7.0 (Nougat) running the show seems pretty appropriate.


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