ChronoSpin Mixes A Watch Face With A Game For Android Wear

ChronoSpin mixes a watch face with a game for Android Wear devices. It's perfect for those occasions where you might have a few minutes of free time and want to entertain yourself without having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket. The game is not activated by default upon opening, rather after installing ChronoSpin you can open it from the app menu and it appears as a watch face. If left alone it displays continually as a normal clock but you can engage the game aspect by swiping up on the display when ChronoSpin has been opened up.

The developer describes this as an action puzzle game and based on the promotional video you tap the screen to move the bar that appears on the display to turn it different directions as it will spin either left or right. The goal seems to be to avoid the oncoming dots which come from all directions of the screen and make their way towards the middle where the bar is. If the bar gets hit then you lose and the game takes you back to the regular old clock screen. If you aren't satisfied with losing, and who would be, you can simply swipe up again and try your hand at it once more to see if you win.

Winning allows users to level up which is displayed by a tiny stick figure with the words "leve up!" above it to denote your achievement. The game might start out easy enough, but as you complete each level the dots that come out from the edges of the display get faster and faster which will make completing additional levels more challenging. This means that some players will need a lot of practice if they hope to continue beating levels, or they'll need to have fast reflexes to account for the speed increases. Aside from the puzzle-filled action before you start the gameplay up you can change the color of the clock as it displays on the screen of your watch, and there are more than a few different colors you can choose from, including red, green, purple, a couple of different shades of blue and more, all of which you can cycle through just by tapping on the screen after launching the game. ChronoSpin is free to install, so if you find yourself without something to do at any point during the day you can pass the time with this on your watch.

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