Best Smartwatches Buyers Guide – February 2017


It’s that time again, where we put together a list of some of the best smartwatches you can currently get your hands on to slip onto your wrist. If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch or your very first smartwatch, there are actually more options out there than you would think. If you’re not sure where to start, this list has ten of the best watches you could buy or consider buying for your first device or an upgrade.

Fossil Q Marshal & Q Wander

If you sort of like the design of the LG Watch Style but want something just a tad bit different, then there is always the Fossil Q Marshal or Fossil Q Wander which actually have a very similar look to it, complete with a genuine leather strap and a stainless steel watch case, or metal watch bands if you prefer them. Both watches are also going to be getting Android Wear 2.0 so you won’t be left behind when it comes to software.

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Moto 360 Sport

If it’s the sporty looking watch you want, then a significantly cheaper option than the LG Watch Sport would be the Moto 360 Sport, which is also getting Android Wear 2.0 so it will have access to all of the same software features. That being said, it does lack NFC so you can’t use it for Android Pay payments. It is currently available for more than half the cost of the LG Watch Sport, though.

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Polar M600

One of the latest Android Wear options to hit the market is the Polar M600, having launched at the end of last year. It’s geared more towards the active user and will also be getting Android Wear 2.0, it has built-in GPS as well as an integrated heart-rate monitor, and it’s waterproof. If you want something durable enough to hold up in the rain or that won’t break down from a little sweat, this might be a good option.

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CASIO Smart Outdoor Watch

CASIO’s latest and greatest, the PRO TREK Smart, may not yet be available, but the company’s first smartwatch is and that’s the CASIO Smart Outdoor Watch. It features a similar design to the PRO TREK and comes in a few different color options if you like to customize your look, and it’s military tested with a MIL-STD-810G spec rating which means it can handle a drop or two. It’s also getting Android Wear 2.0, so the software will be up to date.

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Moto 360 2nd Gen


The Moto 360 2nd Gen model may be getting a little bit long in the tooth but it’s still a decent smartwatch offering with a few options for customization, as well as removable watch straps to tailor to your own personal taste. Like the rest of the options on this list so far save for the Gear S2, this will be getting Android Wear 2.0 so the software will be up to date once the software officially launches.

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Michael Kors Access Dylan & Bradshaw

Next up are the Michael Kors Access Dylan and Bradshaw, both of which carry a well-known designer name, are well-made watches and they look nice. You can get the Dylan which has a little bit more of a rugged look to it and it comes with the silicone strap, or you can get the Bradshaw if you want something that’s a little more traditional in style. Both are also getting Android Wear 2.0 and have the ability to swap out the straps if you want something specific.

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Huawei Watch

For a while the Huawei Watch was the king of the castle in the world of Android Wear smartwatches. It was extremely well-received as both a great looking smartwatch and well-made with great build-quality. It’s a little bit older now but still a great smartwatch and there are a few different options to customize the look. It has removable watch straps, and it’s getting Android Wear 2.0 along with just about every other watch on this list.

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Nixon Mission


Next up is the Nixon Mission. It has an overall chunky style to it that will be popular with those who love outdoor activities, and for those who are familiar with the Nixon brand it takes on a bit of their design language that can be seen in some of the other Nixon watches. It’s waterproof, ruggedized, and it comes in multiple colors, and of course, it will be updated to Android Wear 2.0.

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Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier

Rounding out this list is the Samsung Gear S3, which comes in both Classic and Frontier editions as each is made for a different consumer. The Classic is tailored to those who want more of a traditional looking watch, while the Frontier is tailored for those want a watch that will stick with them through all of their adventures. The Frontier also has a bit more to it as it features LTE capabilities, while both models features built-in GPS. Both also come with the rotating bezel so that you can easily navigate through the menus and your apps.

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LG Watch Style

The LG Watch Style is the newest Android Wear smartwatch to hit the market, but not just the newest Android Wear smartwatch, it’s also the newest smartwatch in general. It comes with a more classic design with a genuine leather strap, and three different color options for the watch case. It runs Android Wear 2.0 and is currently the only watch to do so on this list as it was launched with this version of software, whereas all the other Android Wear smartwatches that are going to get the update are still waiting, making this an easy fit for being one of the best smartwatch you can pick up right now.

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