Best Android Apps – Valentine's Day 2017

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Valentine’s Day 2017 is almost here. Which means quite a few people will be looking to celebrate the day with that someone special. For some, this might be the first time they are spending Valentine’s Day with a certain someone, while for others, Valentine’s Day will be one of the days in which they commemorate their relationship. Whichever side of the fence you fall on this year, there are a number of apps for your Android smartphone that can help with the big day. That is, help with planning for the big day or with setting the tone once the day has arrived. For those looking for some extra Valentine’s help this year, then here are ten of the best Android apps for Valentine’s Day 2017.

justWink Greeting Cards


Times have changed and while it is still nice to receive a physical Valentine’s Day card from someone, you can also now make use of various online and app-based solutions for greeting cards. justWink is one of those companies and this app will let you send a variety of greetings cards to someone and directly from your smartphone. You can even create your own greeting card to add that extra special touch for that extra special someone.

Valentine’s Day Quotes


Already have a Valentine’s Day card ready but not quite sure what to write in the card? Well, there are a number of apps available to help with this problem and Valentine’s Day Quotes is one of those apps. This app will provide you with a number of inspirational (and of course, love-themed) quotes to help you pen the exact right phase for the right person.

1-800-Flowers.com: Send Gifts


Valentine’s Day is not much of an event if flowers are not involved and just like with most things these days, you can now order flowers and have them delivered all from the comfort of your smartphone. Think of this as your own personal florist in your pocket and with a few taps, that special someone can have just the right flowers on the big day.



While flowers are a nice addition on Valentine’s Day, what is certainly going to be on the agenda for most couples is a night out at a restaurant. Which does mean that finding the right seats at the right restaurant on the night, will be easier said than done. Of course, you can always make use of an app like OpenTable to ensure you are booked at your favorite restaurant. If you don’t have a favorite restaurant yet, then OpenTable will also oblige in helping you find one.

Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout


Would you rather avoid the masses out at restaurants this Valentine’s Day? Prefer the idea of a cozy night at home with a movie and dinner? Then Eat24 might be just what you need. This app will help you to find the right cuisine for your romantic night in and will also make sure it gets there in a timely fashion. A must-have for those planning a big night in this year.



Card? Check. Flowers? Check. Dinner en route? Check. Now it’s time for you to set the mood for the evening and what better way to do it then with any of the multiple music streaming apps. While Spotify is listed here, there are plenty of music streaming apps to choose from and whichever you happened to be signed up, for will certainly have a great playlist ready for you to push play with. Although, it might be even better to create your own with all of yours and their favorite songs.

Valentine’s Day Theme


If you are looking to make sure that your smartphone matches the occasion, then there are also a number of Valentine’s Day themes app available on the Google Play Store. Valentine’s Day Theme is one of them and this one will add a nice touch of love to your smartphone, including your lock screen.

Love Collage – Photo Editor

This is one of those apps which will be of just as much use after the big V day as before, as you can put together a number of the ‘couplies’ taken on the day. A nice way to memorialize the events. Of course, if you are planning to Valentine’s-up the home for the big day, then Valentine’s Day Theme will help then as well.

Amazon Prime Now

This app is more for those who literally find themselves hours before the big day and still in need of something. Whatever that ‘something’ is, Amazon Prime Now will look to help fix the situation. This service from Amazon offers super fast delivery and in some cases, as quickly as within the hour. So whatever it is you have ran out of, forgot to get, or just need, it is worth having Amazon Prime Now installed.

OkCupid Dating

Of course, not everyone will have a date for Valentine’s Day this year but that does not mean you have to miss out on any of the festivities. This is one of those times of the year when everyone is thinking about a special someone and if you are without a Valentine at the moment, now might be a good time to give one of the many dating apps a try. OkCupid Dating, for instance.