A Closer Look at the LG G6's Improved Cameras

LG G6 Hands On AH 114

The LG G6 is now official, and the company has decided to stick with a dual-camera setup on the backside of the device. Now unlike what Huawei is doing with their dual-camera setup, LG is actually using one camera as a wide-angle lens and the other as a standard angle lens. The wide-angle camera on the back is a 125-degree camera, so it's great for getting more into that picture, especially for group shots. While the standard camera is a 70-degree lens.

Now one of the major improvements that LG made with the cameras on the G6, when compared to last year's G5, is that you can now switch from one camera to the other a bit faster now. Before it was a bit slow to go from the wide-angle to the normal angle lens and vice versa. But now it's much faster, almost instant. Making it easy to go from a normal angle shot to a wide-angle shot to get everyone in the picture. LG is also touting 2x Optical Zoom in this camera setup. It's basically using the second lens for that optical zoom effect, a lot like what Apple and Huawei have done in their dual-camera setups. Digital Zoom is around 16x, so you can really zoom in on an object, but remember the more you zoom in, the more the picture can break apart. So it's a good idea not to zoom in when you don't need too.

The front-facing camera is also now a wide-angle camera. Not quite as wide as the one on the back, we're looking at a 100-degree wide-angle camera on the front. It makes for a great selfie camera, and it was one of the more popular features on the LG V10 and V20 in the past couple of years. So it's great to see it coming to the LG G6 this time around.


The actual camera hasn't changed a whole lot, there are 13-megapixel sensors on the back, which helps with the optical zoom and make it look more natural. But the biggest change on the software front is actually due to the 18:9 aspect ratio display. Because the screen is now taller than it was before (basically two squares on top of each other) that gives LG a bit more real estate to have some fun in their software. One of the features that LG really touted on the G6's camera app is the fact that you have a scrolling camera roll on the left side of the display. So instead of having a small shortcut next to the shutter, you now have a camera roll on the opposite side, which you can scroll through and see what pictures you've taken.

So the camera hasn't changed a whole lot with the LG G6, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, seeing as the LG G5's cameras were pretty good already and LG definitely knows what their doing with optics. But making that switch between the normal and wide-angle lens a bit faster and smoother is definitely welcome.