Xposed Framework For Android Nougat Coming Along Slowly


The Xposed Framework support for Android 7.0 Nougat has been in the works for quite some time now due to the massive changes Nougat applies to the way Android does things, and it looks like these roadblocks are the reason why the Xposed Framework creator Rovo89 is only making slow progress. The maker and maintainer of Xposed recently took a moment to update those following the project's progress into Nougat territory. While things are better than they were before by a significant margin, fans of Xposed probably won't see the two newest versions of Android, 7.0 and 7.1.1, getting official support for the Xposed Framework anytime soon. While most of the Xposed Framework is open-source and users could simply compile it from scratch for their device, Rovo89 says that a lot of features are broken or missing at the moment.

However, the good news is that hooks, a special type of system calls that previously presented a seemingly insurmountable wall for development, have been all but tamed and now work somewhat reliably in a number of situations. On the other hand, the problem with hooks now is what they actually hook into; when JIT (just in time) compiling is used in an app or a system call, Xposed Framework's ability to command hooks falls drastically short, and in some cases breaks entirely.

Furthermore, the rather hackish method that the Xposed Framework used when it ran into trouble before, asking the device to recompile the entire ROM around itself, would cause no end to headaches in Nougat, according to Rovo89. This is why the creator of Xposed decided to find a workaround for problematic hooks and low-level system control, and the work on that is going to take a while. Rovo89 said that creators often find themselves with only about five hours per week to work on Xposed and that it would take hundreds of hours to fix everything that needs to be fixed for proper Nougat implementation at this time. This means that Xposed fans who have made the jump up from Android 6.0 Marshmallow will have to remain patient unless somebody with a lot of spare time and intimate knowledge of Android steps in to help with the project.

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