Whale Camera App Is Both As A Photo Editor & A Collage Maker


For many people, camera is one of the most important aspects of their smartphone. That's completely understandable, as the vast majority people use their smartphone as their sole camera, which makes sense considering how good smartphone cameras have become. Having that in mind, people tend to use the camera app that comes with their device, most of them at the very least, but there are a ton of third-party camera applications available in the Google Play Store, that not only take pictures and have a number of manual settings on the side, but some of them actually have various other features built-in, like the app we're here to talk about, the Whale Camera app.

This application has a rather odd name, and once you fire it up, you'll get to see a giant whale on the display, with three options in the lower part of the display. Those three options are Beautify, Camera and Puzzle. The beautify option will allow you to edit your photos to an extent, as you do have a number of tools available here, ranging from simple cut and rotation options, to brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustment tools. You also get a number of filters here, and the app allows you to preview an image before you take it, so that you can see how will it look like with a filter applied on top of it. The 'Puzzle' option might not be self-explanatory, but this is your collage maker within this app. It allows you to select a number of images you'd like to use, and create your very own collage, which is an option that we've seen included in many apps thus far. You do have a number of options available here as well, maybe not as much as some other dedicated collage makers offer, but just enough if you need to whip out a quick collage for some reason.

The design of this app is not exactly ground-breaking, but it does the job, you won't have any issues navigating the UI, everything is where it needs to be. Now, do keep in mind that the app does have some bugs, which is why it managed to get quite a few negative reviews in the Google Play Store. The app worked great on one device for us, but on the other one it was quite slow for some reason, quite laggy. In any case, the Whale Camera app is free to download, though in-app purchases are included here, so do keep that in mind.


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