Vine Successor “Vine Camera” Now Available On Android

January 18, 2017 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

Vine Camera is now available for download on Android devices. The successor to Vine appeared on the Google Play Store on Tuesday after Twitter officially shut down its online video platform. Vine Camera was released in the form of an update for the Vine Android app, which is why it’s impossible to estimate how many users actually installed the rebranded version of Twitter’s product. During its peak, Vine was boasting approximately 200 million active users.

The Vine Camera app is based on the original concept of Vine as it still allows users to record six-second videos which loop infinitely. However, instead of being a standalone social network, the rebranded version of this product acts as a mobile tool for posting short video clips on Twitter. It’s also capable of storing videos locally but currently offers little incentive for users to do so seeing how it’s not equipped with robust editing tools. Instead, videos recorded with Vine Camera can only be cut and rearranged in a manner that’s familiar to all former Vine users, meaning this app was mostly designed as a tool for sharing vines on Twitter. As expected, the app records videos only when you hold the screen, meaning resourceful users can create six-second loops without much editing. Vine Camera videos posted on Twitter still loop like they did before.

The Twitter-owned app also boasts a grid overlay interface, a conventional ghost tool, and multi-clip trimming. It remains to be seen whether developers will decide to introduce more features in the future, though that may not be necessary seeing how the original product was well-known for its simplicity. However, without the ability to act as a social network, some people believe Vine Camera is just an inferior camera app and have voiced their displeasure about Twitter’s decision to discontinue the original product on social media. Dozens of negative reviews can also be found on the Vine Camera Google Play Store page, though the app is still boasting an average review score of 4.2 stars. Like its predecessor, Vine Camera is compatible with most smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and newer. Screenshots of the app are available in the gallery below.