Verizon Launches New Promo Plan With 5GB For $55


Verizon is offering up a new promotional postpaid option that grants users 5GB of data and all the usual trimmings, like unlimited talk and text, for just $55, though there are a few caveats. The plan boasts carryover of unused data from month to month, Verizon's Safety Mode slow data option, and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico. In order to get the promotional price, users have to sign up for autopay; the price consists of a $40 plan access fee, then a $20 line access fee, with a $5 autopay discount on top. This means that those unwilling to let Verizon take their money on a set date each month will have to pay $60. The plan is labeled as promotional, but Verizon has not stated how long it will be available, or if it may become a permanent staple of their offerings.

Another caveat, though a bit less vital than the autopay stipulation, is that the plan is currently not available online. Until January 24, users wanting to take advantage of the offer will have to either head to a Verizon store or pick up the phone and give Big Red a jingle. Additionally, the plan is only available to individuals. Those looking to build a family plan will have to use Verizon's more traditional offerings. This new promotional plan is just a hair cheaper than Verizon's 5GB for $60 prepaid option, but imparts all of the benefits of postpaid. Compared to Verizon's standard plans, this is a better option for individuals, as long as their data needs are on par with what Verizon alleges is 4/5 of the wireless user base. As with all of Verizon's other plans, high-speed data top-ups will run you $15 per GB.

A penultimate caveat, as with most wireless plans that don't openly advertise an all-in approach, is that users can expect just a little bit extra to be tacked on for taxes and fees. Finally, since the plan is postpaid, all the trappings of postpaid are there; an activation fee is involved, and if you don't buy your device outright or bring your own, you'll be paying for a new phone as well. Still, a fairly cheap plan with a good amount of data that offers subsidized access to great devices like the Lenovo Moto Z and Google Pixel is a pretty sweet deal. Those who are interested can check it out by heading on through the source link.

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