Upcoming 'Timewave' Moto Mod To Ship With 5D Touch Features


Timewave, a new Moto Mod coming from a finalist in Motorola and Indiegogo’s design contest, has a number of unusual features to complement its strange form factor and a special custom launcher known as Esper: Digital Soul System. The entire back of the Moto Mod is a touchpad, allowing for a variety of custom controls and gestures. Timewave creators say their mod boasts a “5D surface” because it can take in and process strike, press, vertical glide, horizontal slide, and lift inputs. The mod also lights up in conjunction with rich notifications, your circadian rhythm, and a stretch timer. The mod allows a user to log when they drink water, which is a popular function of many fitness trackers and apps.

Timewave manifests itself as a case of sorts for the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and the Moto Z Play. The touchpad-enabled back of the Moto Mod is wavy, and the entire thing is made with a smooth, soft plastic to provide a bit of protection and extra grip. Timewave’s touchpad can be used to navigate your phone one-handedly using just your index finger rather than stretching your thumb across the screen. No details have been revealed regarding the custom launcher just yet, but the creators of the mod asserted that the launcher will be built from the ground up as they’re looking to tightly integrate it with the mod itself.

This unique creation is currently promoted on Reddit by its inventors who were there answering questions not too long ago. The same Moto Mod is also advertised on a website centered around the mod’s interface. The website contains a Facebook Messenger game that blends elements of mystery, choose your own adventure, and traditional text and point-and-click adventure games in a strange and mysterious short story. As with the launcher itself, the creators of the mod have yet to reveal what relation the content of the Facebook Messenger game has to with the mod and its interface. More information will allegedly be revealed in the near future, but for the time being, Timewave does not have a release date or a price tag.