Upcoming BLUBOO R1 Will Look To Combine Durability With Style


In spite of the evolution of smartphones, there are still a number of issues that plague handsets in general. One is actually the durability of smartphones. Which seems as though it is getting worse as smartphones evolve. As they become more stylish, they have also become more brittle and more prone to breaking or becoming damaged during normal everyday usage. Which is largely one of the reasons as to why some smartphone owners have opted to go for a purpose-designed rugged smartphone over a more traditional smartphone. Although the downside with these more durable smartphones is that they often lack the attractiveness of traditional smartphones. Sometimes, these rugged smartphones have also come with what is considered to be a drop in the quality of the specs. A trade-off which many are now accustomed to having to make.

If you are in the market for a new rugged smartphone, then BLUBOO wants you to know that they have a new rugged smartphone on the way. This is the BLUBOO R1 and according to the information coming through, the "R" is for rugged. Which should mean that this is a smartphone that is able to endure all the day-to-day issues that a smartphone will face and regardless of the environment the BLUBOO R1 finds itself in. In fact, BLUBOO is looking to make the BLUBOO R1 a smartphone that combines what you might normally get with a rugged smartphone along with what you typically find with a non-rugged smartphone. Therefore, unlike the current rugged crop, the BLUBOO R1 will be adopting a more stylish look and design. That is, as well as also providing the owner with the level of functionality and specs expected from a traditional smartphone.


Unfortunately though, details on what is exactly on offer with the BLUBOO R1 has yet to be provided. As such, there is no firm information on what the specs will be for the new BLUBOO R1. Although, BLUBOO does state that this will be a smartphone that is on paper, capable of taking on high-end spec smartphones. In addition, BLUBOO has also confirmed that the BLUBOO R1 will come to market in the first half of this year. So it stands to reason that more detailed information will come through in due course. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on the BLUBOO website through the link below, to be the first to know when the BLUBOO R1 does come to market and what it offers.

BLUBOO Official Website

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