TrackR Atlas Will Help You Pinpoint Your Belongings

Trackr Atlas

Traditional Bluetooth-based item trackers are convenient, but they don’t map out your home or tell you exactly where items are on that map; those features are strictly in the domain of products like the new TrackR Atlas. While you can always map out your home manually and use an array of sensors and different tracking tools to keep tabs on things in your home that get lost frequently, the new TrackR Atlas system features plugs that go into your wall outlets and take care of the mapping for you, along with a companion app that tells you exactly where each of your tracking tags are in the house. The tags can even be labeled, making it easy to figure out where a backpack or set of keys is. To make things even easier and cheaper, the TrackR Atlas system can integrate your existing Bluetooth trackers.

The thin and compact tracking tags for the TrackR Atlas can be stuck on or in just about anything, from your wallet to your cat. The system can integrate with Amazon Alexa, allowing users to simply ask Alexa what room something is in. Users can also set up alerts to let them know when certain items leave a given room. The mapping solution is automatic, only requiring a user to plug in a node in each room of the home. From there, the companion app, with versions for both Android and iOS, can locate or even ring items. The whole thing doesn’t require any special hardware aside from what’s in the kit, and can work over Wi-Fi with just about any router.

The TrackR Atlas system uses Bluetooth 4.0, along with all current wireless standards. Thanks to that flexibility, it can keep track of an unlimited number of items using the system’s own tags or any third-party Bluetooth tracking tags. The TrackR Atlas is currently open for pre-order, with shipping due to start in March of 2017. A single TrackR plug will cost you $39.99 plus shipping, while a four-device package is available for $99.99, 8 devices will run you $199.99, and a penny more, an even $200, will get you 10 devices. According to TrackR’s website, that pricing is only available during the pre-order period, and only in limited quantities.