Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases – January 2017


The Samsung Galaxy S7 was perhaps the most popular device to launch in 2016, and even as we approach the launch of the new Galaxy S8 in a few weeks, it's still a popular device and just as powerful. There are loads of great sales on the Galaxy S7 right now, so it's definitely a great time to pick one up. And if you do, you'll want to grab one of these cases to protect it.

Cutebe Shockproof Hard PC+ TPU Bumper Case


Cutebe has a pretty plain looking case here for the Galaxy S7. It's a clear TPU case, so that allows you to still show off the beauty of the Galaxy S7 without having to leave it naked. It does cover the entire backside and the corners of the device. Since it is a bumper case, it's nice and thin and doesn't add a lot of heft to the device.

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Caseology Envoy Series

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This is a plastic case for the Galaxy S7, however the back is made of leather. Which Caseology says is "genuine leather". It comes in various color combinations, and will definitely look great on your Galaxy S7. On top of that, it will also protect your Galaxy S7, so that if you drop it, the display won't crack or even get scratched up.

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Speck CandyShell Grip Case


Speck has a few pretty interesting cases available for the Galaxy S7, which includes their CandyShell Grip case. This case, as you can tell by the name, adds some grip to the Galaxy S7. It also is plastic, which shouldn't be a downside, but it does mean it can take some of the bumps from being rough with your Galaxy S7.

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VRS Design High Pro Shield Case


VRS Design also has a pretty nice looking case here for the Galaxy S7. This is their High Pro Shield case. This case has a rather soft side, which keeps your Galaxy S7 from getting scratched, but it also has a metal frame. Which adds a premium feel to the case when it is on your Galaxy S7. After all, you bought the Galaxy S7 because it feels premium.

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Spigen Rugged Armor


The Spigen Rugged Armor is another great case for the Galaxy S7. It's a great looking case, but it also provides plenty of protection without making the device feel a whole lot more bulky, which is always important. The Rugged Armor case from Spigen does protect all sides of the device, including the front.

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ULAK PU Leather Wallet Case

Wallet cases have become pretty popular in the past few years, and ULAK here has a nice looking one that is available for your Galaxy S7. This is a PU Leather folio case, so it's not genuine leather. But it is a wallet case so you can stick a few cards and even some cash inside. On top of that, it's a folio case, so you can stand it up on its side and watch videos.

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LUVVITT Sleek Armor

Seeking a thin case for your Galaxy S7? But still need something that will protect it? Then the Sleek Armor from LUVVITT is definitely worth checking out. It does cover the back and sides of the Galaxy S7. But it also protects the display, by having a lip over the display which will keep it from hitting the ground. However it'll still allow you to use the device without any issues.

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Vofolen Slidable Card Holder Case

No need to bring your wallet with you anymore with this case, you can keep your credit or debit cards that don't work with Samsung Pay in the back of the case. This case also protects the device, as it does have a hard outer shell, it's protected from drops and such.

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Caseology Skyfall Series

Need a case, but still want to show off the beauty of the Galaxy S7? You can do that here with the Skyfall series from Caseology. They feature clear cases with different colored frames. Allowing you to protect your Galaxy S7, but also the ability to still show off the beauty of that gold or silver Galaxy S7.

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Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen has another great looking case available for the Galaxy S7, and this time it is a thin case for the device. It will still protect it, although arguably not as well as a thicker case on your Galaxy S7, but it'll still do the trick. It's also available in black so it looks fairly stealthy.

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