Top 10: Best Android Apps – January 2017


Applications can be the center of our universe when it comes to our smartphones, and whether or not you constantly use apps more than anything else on your device, chances are you use apps some of the time. There's always new applications popping up in the Play Store and some which aren't extremely new but they have been picking up steam quickly as they're alternate versions of already popular apps. If you're looking for a few new apps to try out or at least consider, here are ten you may want to look into.


Kicking off this list is an app called CookieSwirlC, and if you have kids then this is one app you may want to consider. It's an app dedicated to videos made with popular toys and it boasts a family-friendly nature, making it a great app to enjoy with your kids during some downtime.



This is a file storage application although it's not for all file types and is focused solely on being a storage app for your photos and videos. If you have a Drobo device that's connected to a PC at home or at work, then this is the app that helps you upload your photos to that machine so you don't have to worry about transferring them elsewhere as it's all automatic.

My Talking Hank


While this could be considered part game, My Talking Hank is just one of the latest apps of its kind that allows you to interact with this little talking character. Like the other apps this is similar to, you'll have to take care of Hank, the dog, and do everything from feed him to help him explore and collect his friends.

Walmart Scan & Go

This one is a little more limited as it's only available at one Walmart location right now, likely due to it being tested before rolling out on a wider scale, but it's designed so that you can scan items as you toss them in your cart while you're shopping, and in doing this it lets you keep a total of what your items will cost you. It even lets you checkout in the app as well as pay for your items so you don't have to stand and wait in line, and you end up with a digital receipt.


Inkitt – Free Books & Novels

If you're a book worm and you love to read, but can't always buy the newest novels and other books that you're interested in, they might available inside of this app and all the books and novels in here are free to read, as the name suggests. It boasts books from all kinds of different genres so there should be something for just about everyone. Lite


This is a lite version of the popular app, and it's geared towards users who have a slower internet connection and may not be able to use the standard app due to slow-loading videos. It boasts all the same popular features of the regular app so you won't miss out on anything, and it has the same interface so it should be familiar too.

Screens – Multi Window Manager

If your phone supports multi window then this app will help in letting you open up the apps you typically use in multi window more quickly. You can pre select applications to add to the list and it essentially creates a quick shortcut to the two apps you want opened at the same time. Apps can also be switched out at your leisure.


Weather Wiz: Forecast & Widget

There's always room for a good weather app, and this one has lots to offer with a beautiful interface on top of it all so that it's also enjoyable to look at as you use it. You'll get standard features like a 10-day forecast, as well as some more unique ones like the moon phase and sun status. You can even change out themes if you want to give the app a personal touch.

Toontastic 3D


This is Google's latest application and it's aimed at anyone who likes to be creative. It basically lets you create 3D cartoons and you can either start off by using templates of characters and scenes, or you can draw your own. You can even narrate cartoons and record your voice to be the voice of the characters, and display your creations for others to see. You can also watch other people's creations too. It's definitely a fun little app.

Oh She Glows – Healthy Recipes

Rounding out this list is a new app with a main goal to help everyone eat healthier. If you like to cook but are always worried about cooking healthier meals, or you're not exactly sure where to start, Oh She Glows can help. There are tons of recipes on offer and each one includes large images that are high resolution so you can see everything clearly. You can cook things as they are or even customize them to your liking by making changes and then adding notes to them so you don't forget, and you can add your most-loved recipes to a favorites list so you always have them on hand to cook again.