T-Mobile ONE Plans Go All In On Taxes & Fees

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T-Mobile announced at CES that their T-Mobile ONE suite of unlimited data plans would soon begin rolling the taxes and fees into the advertised price, and that rolling in has officially begun. Taking cues from the prepaid world, T-Mobile has flipped the switch and is now charging new and existing T-Mobile ONE customers only the advertised plan price, with no additional taxes and fees tacked on. Customers who are still on T-Mobile’s recently phased out Simple Choice plans or grandfathered into T-Mobile’s older truly unlimited plans, however, will still be paying taxes and fees alongside the main charges on their bills.

With this new action, the unlimited T-Mobile ONE takes its place among T-Mobile’s cheapest and most value-packed plans in the history of the company, with a family of four able to sign up for a plan for only $40 per line, or $160 in total, when taking advantage of all applicable promotions and signing up for autopay. T-Mobile presented a few bits of data to back up their decision in the press release announcing that the switch had been flipped. A survey of some 800 participants by research firm CivicScience, requested by T-Mobile, indicates that about 86% of respondents believe that carriers should include taxes and fees in their pricing, and around 60% of the survey group went as far as saying that they believe wireless carriers fabricate fees.

Normal monthly taxes and fees weren’t the only thing CivicScience asked customers about to gather data for T-Mobile – they also asked about how a customer feels when their bill changes unexpectedly, such as with overages or roaming fees. About 72% of the survey group likened the experience to a physical blow, while a somewhat smaller group reported that they are actually angered, or even “outraged”. T-Mobile used this data to highlight the fact that their new all in T-Mobile ONE plans will include no surprise charges for any reason. This makes sense, since the plans boast unlimited data, and T-Mobile has already had various roaming options available to customers for free for some time now. With the new changes to their T-Mobile ONE plan lineup, Magenta seems to be aiming for providing customers all the benefits of both an established postpaid player, including high-end devices on payment plans, truly unlimited data, and late payment forgiveness, but with all of the pricing and billing perks of a prepaid carrier.

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