T-Mobile Added 8.2 Million Net Customers In 2016

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T-Mobile added 8.2 million total net customers in 2016, the wireless carrier revealed on Thursday. The company published a preliminary view of its Q4 2016 key customer results, boasting significant growth in most relevant segments. Over 25% of T-Mobile’s 2016 additions were made during the last quarter of the year, with the company’s CEO John Legere asserting how “this revolution is in full swing.” T-Mobile will publish its official 2016 financials in February.

The Bellevue-based firm added 2.1 million net customers in total over the course of the fourth quarter of 2016, meaning that the company is currently serving approximately 71.5 million people in the US and has made over a million of net customer additions for the 15th quarter in a row. Likewise, 2016 is the third year in a row during which the company managed to generate over 8 million net customer additions. The third largest carrier in the country revealed how it added 933,000 branded postpaid phone net customers in Q4 2016, meaning that it generated 4.1 million of these additions in total over the course of last year. The company added 2.5 million branded prepaid customers in the last 12 months, 541,000 of which were brought during the final quarter of the year. Approximately 210,000 branded prepaid net customers migrated to T-Mobile’s postpaid plans from October do December of 2016. Over the course of the last year, the company added 1.6 million wholesale net customers, with the last quarter accounting for 363,000 of those additions.

Regarding customers leaving the company, T-Mobile’s branded postpaid churn rate was 1.28% in Q4 2016, four basis points lower than in Q3. In overall, the company ended the year with a churn rate that’s 18 basis points down in comparison to 2015. Legere said this was T-Mobile’s best ever branded postpaid phone churn in any fourth quarter. The company’s CEO added how most of this churn rate can be attributed to T-Mobile selling its MVNO Walmart Family Mobile to TracFone Wireless. The wireless carrier ended 2016 with a 3.94% branded prepaid churn rate, 12 basis points less than in the previous quarter and 26 basis points down in comparison to 2015. Much like postpaid churn, this was also T-Mobile’s best ever Q4 branded prepaid churn. In overall, 2017 is bound to be a busy year for the company as it will certainly be looking to repeat these results.