Security Firm Kaymera Puts Out Customized Pixel


Kaymera, a firm out of Israel that creates super-secure versions of popular smartphones, has given the Google Pixel their custom touches. The Kaymera Secured Pixel is a special edition of Google's flagship device made for use in enterprise and government environments. The device uses Kaymera's own three-layer protection suite, which protects the device on all fronts from possible attack, while allowing all of the device's normal functions to run as intended. The device is encrypted from end to end in all operations, the external interfaces are monitored and protected, and all code running on the device is scanned in real time to detect and prevent any malicious code from running.

According to Kaymera, the Pixel's place as a top-end device makes it an ideal candidate for this treatment. Kaymera's goal in creating the Kaymera Secured Pixel, and indeed all of their devices, is to hobble familiar and integral device functions as little as possible while providing enterprise-class security. Whereas most hyper-secure devices cut out key functions and leave a mostly barebones software suite in the name of stifling the possibility of important data being intercepted, Kaymera's method allows users to enjoy key elements of the Android ecosystem like Google's system app suite and third party apps that are usually treated as security risks and disabled on other phones.

Kaymera's three layer protection starts with heavy, custom encryption integrated on all levels of device operation, not just in the storage and system software, as is usually the case with Android devices. This means that almost every bit of code that runs on the device goes through an encryption layer. The second layer is real-time scanning for any kind of unauthorized operation at the device's various interfaces and ports. Traffic over the network interfaces, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB is all carefully monitored. Finally, all code that runs on the device is scanned in-process for possible malicious activity, and anything that looks like an exploit or attack is stopped cold. Kaymera also includes a security software suite for users that gives a rating of how secure a device is at the moment, and helps to take steps in further securing it. The Kaymera Secured Pixel is available now through Kaymera's web site.

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