Samsung Patents Point To Fold-Out Phone, Galaxy Designs

Samsung is one of the biggest names on the mobile patent scene, and for good reason; the latest way that they've demonstrated this is by scoring a new patent for a fold-out smartphone, a niche that Samsung has been chasing down aggressively in the patent sphere of late, as well as a couple of new designs for more pedestrian models that could conceivably hit the market in the near future. For the fold-out smartphone, we have a single-edged affair resembling a Galaxy Note Edge, but mirrored; the design wraps around to a screen on the back, and the whole thing can be unfolded to look somewhat similar to a Galaxy Tab S2. The new designs on the more casual side of the spectrum consist of a phone that's edged on both sides, and an edged design that apes the Galaxy S5 Neo around back. Curiously, both would mark a return to the vertically aligned camera and heart rate sensor that Samsung mostly left behind with the Galaxy S6.

Going into a bit of detail on the foldable design, we see a home button as the marker that we're looking at the front of the device. The hinge, and thus the edge, is on the right side. Rather than unfurling like a book and having a bigger screen on the inside, the front panel ties in to the one around back and forms a tablet when the device is folded out. Since this is only a patent sketch, it's hard to say what functionality the back of the device would serve when the whole thing is folded, aside from being where the design's lone camera sits. This means that selfies would use the back screen, and video chats would likely be best in tablet mode.

Looking closely at the less pie-in-the-sky patent designs on display, one resembles a Galaxy S7 Edge, but with both sides curved. There is still a metal band present a la the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and the back design is the same as the Galaxy S5. A top side power button and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack both look to be on board here. The other design is thinner, with only the screen side being edged. The top side on this one is the same as the other, making it, essentially, the other design cut in half for thinness.

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