Samsung Makes Monday Galaxy Note 7 Conference Official


Samsung has announced that they are preparing to hold a press conference to release all of the information that they and independent investigators have uncovered about what caused the catastrophic failure of thousands of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units, and they will be livestreaming the whole thing in English. Samsung has already made it known through a representative's statement to a news agency that they planned to unveil their findings regarding the Galaxy Note 7 on Monday, January 23, but they have now come forward to not only make an official company statement on the matter, but to announce the exact time that the livestream of the conference will begin. That time is 10 AM in their time zone, or 8 PM on January 22 EST.

Samsung has been investigating the cause of the catastrophic failures of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units the world over since the entire sordid saga began soon after the phone's release, but thus far has yet to announce the exact cause to the public. Many reports seem to agree that the battery may have been to blame, but Samsung came forward to dispute that back in September, at least when it came to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets released in China; the Chinese release reportedly used a battery from a different provider. Samsung's full release on the matter come Monday will settle once and for all if the battery was responsible in any cases, and if so which ones.

The troubles with Samsung's second flagship device series, reportedly enough to make them consider getting rid of the Note lineup entirely due to bad press, began very soon after the phone's release. A global recall order went out, and Samsung began issuing updates to cripple the remaining phones in the wild to encourage those holding them to return them. The phones have even been banned on most airlines, but a good amount of users still cling to them. The results of this investigation could be critical to the efforts of groups like the Note 7 Rebels, who work to not only keep their devices fully functional against Samsung's advice, but to use them as safely as possible; knowing the root cause of the explosions for certain could help them in figuring out how to keep the devices from going up in smoke.

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