Samsung Makes A Public Apology Over The Previous Year

Samsung Logo CES AH 2

2016 was without a doubt one of the most important years in Samsung’s history. It saw the launch of the highly praised Galaxy S7 line while it also saw one of the biggest recalls in the company’s history, the Galaxy Note 7. At today’s CES conference, though, it appears Samsung has indirectly apologized for its mistakes over the past year.

As soon as the company’s American president, Tim Baxter, stepped on stage, the company set the tone of what was to come. The president kicked off the speech by promising that the company was both reflecting on the past year and also listening to any feedback it has received in order to improve, there subtly hinting that the company is well and truly ready to forget about the Galaxy Note7 ordeal. In addition to this, the company also confirmed that it would be recommitting its focus in 2017 towards all of its customers while continuing to build upon its heritage.

It’s fair to say that with the company having to recall the Galaxy Note 7 devices, the company is no doubt trying to move away and focus on its upcoming products, more specifically the upcoming Galaxy S8 which is rumored to feature some significant design changes as well as the usual incremental hardware upgrades. The company has also recently switched its focus towards its newly announced Galaxy A (2017) line, which now features a premium design and IP68 rating, features that are sure to attract a number of customers, considering the very respectable specs that the models feature for their respective prices. The company’s mobile division is not the only important part of the electronics company, though, with the company announcing a number of other products, such as new Smart TV’s and even a new and improved connected refrigerator, as well as a series of new Chromebooks which are said to be Google’s answer to the iPad Pro. Nonetheless, with Samsung already kicking 2017 off with a bang, the company is sure to be putting everything it has into making the launch of the Galaxy S8, along with the eventual Galaxy Note 8, a success and prove to its customers that it can still produce high-quality devices without compromising the product’s quality.