Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge Android Nougat Update Halted


Samsung has reportedly halted the rolling out of the Android 7.0 (Nougat) update to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. At the moment, this is based on user reports emerging out of China which note that the update has been pulled back. Likewise, the same user reports are confirming that the reason behind the update being pulled, is due to bug issues. Although, no further details have been provided on what the bugs or issues might be, or the severity of those bugs and issues.

At the moment, these are unconfirmed reports and nothing has come through from Samsung directly on this. Likewise, the reports seem to only stem from China so far. Therefore, it is still unclear as to whether it is only in China that the update has been pulled, or if it will be/is being pulled in other regions as well. That is, if it is being pulled at all. Interestingly, and currently unknown as to whether the information is directly related or not, reports are also confirming that the Galaxy S7 Edge (again in China) is now in the process of receiving a new beta Android Nougat update. One which comes with various 'stability improvements' and an 'enhanced power saving mode'.

Which is of particular importance as the beta Android Nougat program had already been concluded in lieu of the official Android Nougat update commencing a rolling out status. Therefore, the assumption being made by some, is that following the suspension of the official Android Nougat update, the beta program has been in some capacity, reinstated. Although, again, this is based on reports emerging out of China, and very few reports at that. So there are still a number of clear unknowns here. Although, one thing that is clear is that considering the official rolling out of the update only commenced a few days ago, it does stand to reason that if a widespread and formal halting of the update and/or return of the beta program is on the cards, then firm details on this will come through from Samsung, sooner rather than later.

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