Rumor: Next Pixel To Be Camera-focused & Budget Pixel Coming

Google Pixel XL AH NS 18

Google has a number of features and improvements planned for this year’s Google Pixel 2, as well as a lower priced Pixel model that will feature mid-range specs, according to the latest report. In spite of the Google Pixel line only being unveiled at the beginning of October, it seems Google is already deep into development when it comes to their follow-on devices. According to the details coming through, Google is focusing on keeping consumers impressed with the device’s camera by focusing on “extra features” instead of a higher megapixel count. As well as this, the company could also introduce waterproofing, something that would bring it in line with much of the Pixel’s competition.

Aside from these main features, Google is reportedly testing multiple configurations for the device, running different chipsets. The first running a Qualcomm chipset, while the other is said to be running a chipset from Intel, though there is also the possibility that Google could be working on custom silicon to include in the devices, considering the company said that this was likely for the future. Nonetheless, all of these improvements and features are expected to lead to a $50 price increase. Aside from the traditional flagship Pixel device, Google is reportedly working on a cheaper alternative, dubbed the “Pixel 2B.” The device is expected to feature mid-range specs and a significantly lower price tag, though it’s likely that Google will keep the design from the flagship models and simply change the internal components of the device to warrant the price. This, is thought to be another way in which Google will look to penetrate emerging markets.

As the eventual release of this year’s Google Pixel lineup is still a long way off, it’s highly likely that any of these rumors could change by the time the launch nears. But with waterproofing being seen on an increasing number of flagships, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Google introduce the feature with this year’s lineup. As well as this, the fact that the company is possibly developing a lower-end model is sure to please customers and increase the brand’s awareness, something that is crucial if Google wants to continue to cement a position within the smartphone hardware market.