Rumor: Foldable Samsung Galaxy X To Launch In Q3/Q4 2017

Samsung Logo 2016 AH 9

According to a new tweet by a tipster based out of China, Samsung’s rumored foldable smartphone, the Galaxy X, will apparently see a commercial launch in the second half of this year. While the possibility of such a device being launched this year has been discussed very often over the past few months on various online forums, message boards and social media sites, not a whole lot is known about its tech specs so far. Some unconfirmed reports, however, have claimed that the so-called Galaxy X will feature a flexible OLED display with a 4K pixel resolution and will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 chip, which is expected to be found under the hood of quite a few premium smartphones this year.

Whether or not this relates to the upcoming Galaxy X remains to be seen, but a patent filling by Samsung last year indicated that a smartphone being developed by the company will come with a fully foldable body. In fact, as per the patent filing with the USPTO, users will be able to fold the smartphone at various different angles, which would certainly be something to look forward to. The company, in fact, showcased its first-ever flexible display several years back, although that was too early in the day for anything concrete to come about from that proof-of-concept device. This year, however, it all promises to come full circle for Samsung, as analysts in South Korea seem convinced that the company will, indeed, release its first-generation foldable smartphone “for the mass market” at some stage over the next twelve months.

Meanwhile, a report from early last year seemed to suggest that Samsung’s first-ever flexible smartphone might be unveiled at the MWC trade show next month in Berlin, although the successive controversies at the company have now apparently pushed back the official announcement to the second half of this year. Either way, it’s important to remember that Samsung hasn’t really said anything officially on this matter until now. So while indications from various quarters do suggest that time for the first-ever foldable smartphone from the South Korean company may be coming near, we’ll have to take this with a pinch of salt, at least until we hear something more concrete in the weeks and months to come.