Report: LG G6 To Feature Google Assistant Or Alexa

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The LG G6 could use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies supplied by Google and Amazon, according to recent reports from industry sources in South Korea. In a strategic move to increase its presence in the smartphone market and boost hardware sales, sources say that LG Electronics is now seeking to collaborate with Google and integrate its voice-controlled AI Google Assistant into the LG G6. The company is reportedly also considering collaborating with Amazon and use the Alexa AI platform in its upcoming flagship phone and other devices.

Google Assistant is the company’s new voice-controlled AI assistant which debuted alongside the Google Pixel smartphone lineup last year. The technology is a part of the Google Pixel user experience and it is what makes the Pixel more of a “Google smartphone” rather than a regular Android device. Earlier last year, it was said that Google Assistant will remain exclusive to Google’s own products and will not be included in future Android OS updates for other phone brands, incentivizing smartphone manufacturers to create their own AI assistants if they so desire. However, according to reports and rumors from South Korea, LG is looking to collaborate with Google in order to make use of the Google Assistant in its next flagship phone, which would make the LG G6 the first non-Pixel smartphone to feature Google’s AI companion. Furthermore, rumors have it that LG is manufacturing a Google-designed smartwatch which will be unveiled next month. This mysterious device will reportedly be the first smartwatch to run Android Wear 2.0 out of the box.

In addition to Google Assistant, rumors also have it that LG is still considering the possibility of collaborating with Amazon to use the company’s AI platform Alexa for the LG G6 and other upcoming smartphones. LG already makes use of Amazon Alexa in some of its home appliances and by adopting the AI in its smartphones, the Seoul-based tech giant could potentially improve the user experience of its Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Either way, LG is expected to attend Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain near the end of February, and recent reports suggest that the LG G6 could debut during that trade show.