“The Raid” 24 Spinoff Comes To Samsung VR

January 9, 2017 - Written By Daniel Fuller

The war between VR systems looks somewhat like the game console wars on a smaller scale, and exclusives like the new 24 spinoff, “The Raid”, stoke the fires and help to sell units of their chosen ecosystem, in this case Samsung’s Gear VR. Fans of Jack Bauer’s exploits will most likely already know about the newest property in Fox’s “24” wheelhouse, called “24: Legacy”. It revolves around an entirely new cast in an entirely new setting, but uses 24’s unique real-time approach; just like with the original 24, every minute you watch is one minute in-universe. The same can be said for “The Raid”.

Serving as a prequel to “24: Legacy”, “The Raid” puts you in the shoes of the new series’ iconic war hero, Eric Carter. Fans will get to experience a raid on terrorist ringleader Bin-Khalid’s compound in Yemen from Carter’s point of view, complete with all of the luxuries that VR has to offer; viewers will be able to look around in 360 degrees, drinking in every exciting detail. Howard Gordon, the executive producer of the show, is on board to help with the VR production. Also on the project is Here Be Dragons, a specialized studio whose one and only niche is spherical VR experiences. The whole thing was overseen by Fox to ensure that it well and truly represents what viewers can expect from the show, but from a much more immersive perspective.

“The Raid” is available right now on the Samsung VR service, and it can be most enjoyed with the use of a Samsung Gear VR and a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone, although it can be watched through the Samsung VR video viewer on the Samsung VR website too, although you’ll need to click and drag around the video to pan the camera. Since it’s designed from the ground up for the Gear VR, using one of the many methods online to trick a Cardboard or other rig into telling Samsung’s service that it’s a Gear VR will probably result in a less than optimal experience, if not an entirely broken one. In any case, the show that “The Raid” serves as a prequel to will begin airing on Fox right after this year’s Super Bowl on February 5th, and will move into a more regular time slot of 8 PM in US Eastern time, every Monday.