Race To Release AR & VR Hardware Leading To Lack Of Content


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content is vastly in need of expansion to keep up with the growing number of AR and VR hardware options that have (and are) coming to market. This is the latest suggestion being made by analyst firm, CCS Insights. A suggestion which comes on the back of CES 2017 and following what was an event which was highly-focused on both AR and VR, with a number of companies showcasing their latest offerings that cater to the hardware side of the market.

In fact, it is the sheer number of companies who were exhibiting hardware at the event that have led to CSS Insight suggesting that the same level of attention and detail is not being paid to the software side of things. A situation which could in turn lead to an abundance of hardware and not enough software to facilitate the various headsets, viewers and other hardware solutions that are on the way. A point CSS highlighted during a research note which states that in terms of the development of software, "little appears to have moved on in 12 months". While further adding that there is "an urgent need" for a greater focus to be placed on software and content going forward. In particular, if the two realities are going to progress to the mainstream and heightened levels of adoption.

It is worth mentioning that CCS did make it clear that there was some signs of development being showcased at the event and in particular, mentions the advancements being made by WebVR, Qualcomm, Lionsgate and Intel. Advancements which CCS notes as "encouraging". However, it is the scale at which content is not being showcased (compared to hardware) that CCS suggests is likely to pose an issue in the near-future for the advancement of both platforms. Interestingly, CSS drew parallels with the mobile device sector in this respect. Suggesting that the current situation is starting to lead to a similar fragmented landscape. One which CSS predicts could prove to be a far bigger issue (than what has been seen in the mobile market) in the long term. Due to the ever-increasing number of hardware options leading to developer confusion on which ones to support with new and engaging content.

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