Polaroid Pop Is A Hybrid Camera Which Can Print Photos

Polaroid Pop 2

The Polaroid Pop is Polaroid’s all new camera which prints photos on the spot. Polaroid, like many other companies out there, has decided to release a new product at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and the Polaroid Pop sure is an interesting product. This is a blend between old and new cameras, in a way, as this is a digital camera which can print 3-inch by 4-inch photos as soon as you take them, and is using inkless Zink photo paper in order to do so.

Now, the Polaroid Pop might not look like a premium camera, but its specs might surprise you. This camera comes with a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor which is capable of recording fullHD (1920 x 1080) video, and next to it, you also get a dual-LED flash. The Polaroid Pop features a 3.97-inch LCD display on the front, and the device stores all the images and video you take on a microSD card (up to 128GB). You can connect Polaroid Pop to your smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can basically use this device as your portable printer as well and print images from your smartphone, if that’s what you want. You can use the Polaroid Print app to edit your photos by adding filters, effects, stickers, etc. This application is completely free for both Android and iOS, in case you were wondering. The Polaroid Pop camera has three color modes, black and white, color and sepia, which will give you some flexibility when shooting photos.

Some of you might wonder what’s the inkless ZINK paper and printing, well, this is a printing technology developed by ZINK, and it basically allows the ZINK-enabled printer to use heat in order to activate and colorize cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals embedded in the paper. This actually results in really crisp images which are smudge-proof, as the printing process does not include cartridges, ribbons or toner. The ZINK Paper is adhesive-backed, and you can even put it on your wall if you want, as it sticks quite easily. This camera will be available in a number of color variants, as you can see in the gallery down below, and the camera on this device protrudes on the back a bit. The Polaroid Pop might not be the thinnest or the prettiest camera around, but it’s definitely one of the most versatile ones.