Ooma Debuts Ooma Home Monitoring Service At CES 2017

Ooma Home Monitoring

Earlier today, a tech company Ooma debuted Ooma Home Monitoring, a surveillance system for individuals looking to protect their homes. While speaking at CES in Las Vegas, the company’s representatives revealed that Ooma Home Monitoring is based on Ooma’s cloud platform which also powers the firm’s Internet phone systems. The main selling point of this home monitoring solution is its Remote 911 feature which allows users to contact emergency services about potential issues even when they’re not at home. The system itself relies on various sensors which users can easily install in their homes. The service is scheduled to launch during the first quarter of the year, and all of the existing Ooma customers will receive a free Ooma Home Monitoring subscription for their first sensor, while each additional sensor will set them back $5.99 per month. Ooma Premier subscribers will be able to use the system at no extra cost. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of sensors range from $29.99 to $34.99. All sensors can be pre-ordered from Amazon as of today and will be shipped to customers in the following weeks.

While Ooma Home Monitoring is far from the first security system that can notify authorities about break-ins and other security violations, it’s the only one that allows users to personally speak to emergency services using their home number even when they aren’t physically present at the location. The solution includes sensors for doors, windows, and water surfaces, as well as traditional motion sensors which detect movement. Ooma Home Monitoring can be controlled via a dedicated Android app and supports real-time push notifications in addition to SMS, email, and call alerts. Apart from warning users about suspicious sensor readings, the Ooma Home Monitoring app can also notify them whenever the system is engaged or disengaged, i.e. whenever a resident leaves or enters their house.

Ooma Home Monitoring is fully compatible with the Ooma Telo, the company’s Internet phone service powered by the same cloud computing technology. The system currently supports up to 100 sensors compatible with the latest build of the Ooma Telo software. All of the sensors are easily installed and don’t require paying for professional installation services. Everyone interested in checking out this service in person can do so by visiting the Las Vegas Convention Center where CES 2017 is taking place from Thursday to Sunday, January 8th.