The OnePlus 3 Battery Gets A Boost With A Few Kernel Tweaks

The OnePlus 3 battery gets a boost with a few kernel tweaks that will allow it to reportedly reach up to 8 hours of screen on time. While 8 hours of battery life may not sound like much, this isn't simply 8 hours of battery life, but rather 8 hours of battery life based on the screen being on the whole time, which means 8 hours worth of daily usage not including the amount of time it sits idle with the screen off. In addition to the relatively long screen-on time, the adjustments that users can make to the kernels in the OnePlus 3 are also said to boost performance too, and allow the phone to operate without lag and maintain a smooth performance throughout the usage time frame.

This should sound like a nice little upgrade for OnePlus 3 owners, but it should also be noted that you will need to have a rooted device to apply these changes and the process probably shouldn't be undertaken by anyone who isn't familiar with tweaking the software on their device. That said, if your device is already rooted or if you're planning on rooting the phone to move forward with the kernel adjustments, following the root process you'll also need to download a profile for the interactive governor so you can make the different configurations.

According to the XDA forums post, downloading and flashing the interactive governor profile will apply the adjustments to the kernel automatically so there shouldn't be much if anything that you'll have to do once you've passed this step. It's also important that users have realistic expectations about the battery life boost that these adjustments are designed to provide. As noted in the forum post, these tweaks won't have any affect on processes that maximize performance by using up all of the phone's CPU and GPU resources. Gaming is specifically mentioned here as is heavy and extended use of the camera, so if you're playing a ton of mobile games on your device or using the camera constantly and daily, chances are that the battery life boost may not be as close to what's explained. Beyond heavy usage of apps or other functions that tend to drain the battery due to heavy CPU and GPU usage, you should notice some decent gains and improvements in battery life with these adjustments. If you're planning on moving ahead with the adjustments, it's definitely recommended to read every single detail about the process before beginning.

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